Nauseating video shows fitness ‘guru’ eating raw chicken to prove it’s part of his diet

Nauseating video shows fitness ‘guru’ eating raw chicken to prove it’s part of his diet

A nauseating video shows the moment a fitness enthusiast ate a raw chicken breast after being slammed for sharing his unusual post-workout meal online.

Twitter user @BlazenBrady, or Blazen, shared an image, which includes three pieces of raw poultry, one rasher of uncooked bacon, and one piece of also uncooked, week-old steak.

He said that he eats the meal after every gym session, adding the chicken ‘is not bad at all and tastes fine’ – but people didn’t believe it was really part of his diet.

So, to prove them wrong, Blazen filmed himself actually eating the raw chicken – adding: “It’s not even bad bro, you guys are tripping.”

Experts warn against eating raw or undercooked chicken due to the possible presence of bacteria such as salmonella, which can lead to food poisoning and other serious illnesses, so please don’t do it.

In the video, he said: “Alright I got multiple people asking me to make this video, because you guys don’t believe I’m eating this chicken raw.

“It’s not even bad bro, you guys are tripping – like, I mean you guys are terrified of it just because they told you there’s bacteria in it. It’s your natural diet, you’ll literally naturally want to eat it.

“It tastes the same, maybe it’s not as good tasting – it’s not amazing, but it doesn’t taste bad. It’s normal.

“I eat it every single day. I washed it down with milk to get used to it when I first started, now it’s much easier.

“Doesn’t taste bad at all bro, I could eat rotten meat, I could eat two-week-old meat, it all tastes the same.”

The original post read: “Post workout meal – fresh raw chicken, week old steak I left in my fridge, my favourite bacon, raw butter, raw milk.

“Chicken is not bad at all and tastes fine. This meal is my standard meal I usually eat all the time, I eat mainly more steak over chicken though usually.”

Twitter users were quick to mock Blazen’s meal, with one user posting: “I wouldn’t even feed this to my dog. Take care of yourself, dude.”

The post has 54 likes, 20 retweets, and 256 comments – including many that Blazen replied to.

Twitter user @SLAYZUR commented: “That butter is coating your arteries as we speak.”

To which Blazen replied: “Pasteurized butter is the enemy, not butter itself. Raw butter is one of the best pure, saturated fats you can get. A literal superfood.”

And @TheJusticeEagle commented: “Whoever told you these things is speaking from a place of ignorance, to fuel their ego.

“Steve Jobs did the same, with a very treatable cancer. Died. Admitted he was misled and should have trusted academic, credible experts, not nuts.”

Backwoods Barbie posted: “Make sure you post when you’re in the hospital with food poisoning.”

And Twitter user @FoucaltFrenulum added: “Not gonna comment on the raw meat situation there but oh boy that’s a lot of butter.”